Apocryphal gems……………..QUOTES

Apocryphal gems

Gospel of Thomas in James M. Robinson, ed., The Nag Hammadi Library in English (San Francisco, Harper & Row, 1988),126 #3.

When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty.

All the following are from:

Wilhelm Schneemelcher, ed., New Testament Apocrypha, Vol. 1, Gospels and Related Writings (Louisville, Kentucky, Westminster, 1991).

Gospel of Philip

p. 201

106 The perfect man not only cannot be restrained, but also cannot be seen. For if he is seen he will be put under restraint.

The Coptic Gospel of Thomas

p. 118

5 Jesus said, Recognize what is before you, and what is hidden from you will be revealed to you; for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

P, 123

37 His disciples said: On what day will you be revealed to us, and on what day shall we see you? Jesus said: When you unclothe yourselves and are not ashamed, and take your garments and lay them beneath your fet like the little children and trample on them, then you will see the Son of the Living One, and you will not be afraid. [see 1 Nephi 19-7]

p, 126

67 Jesus said: He who knows the all but fails to know himself, misses everything.

The Dialogue of the Saviour

p, 306-307


Matthew said, ‘Lord, I wish to see that place of life, this place where there is no wickedness, but rather there is pure light!’

The Lord said, ‘Brother Matthew, you will not be able to see it as long as you are wearing flesh.’

Matthew said, ‘Lord, even if I shall not be able to see it, let me know it!’

The Lord said, Everyone who has known himself has seen it in everything given to him alone to do, and has come to resemble it in his goodness.’

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