1 Nephi 7:12 — LeGrand Baker — Remembering Eternal Covenants

1 Nephi 7:12

12. Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him.

Our world is built on premortal covenants we do not now remember, but which the Holy Ghost will teach us as the time comes for us to fulfill our part of the covenants. Nephi is reminding his brothers that if they will be faithful to the Lord, he is able to arrange our affairs so that we can keep the covenants we made with him. That principle is one of the most important underpinnings of the gospel, and was part of the reason we were willing to risk coming into this lonely, dreary world in the first place.

There are several places in the scriptures where that promise is spelled out in some detail. We have already mentioned the first 14 verses of section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Another is the first chapter of Ephesians. There is more in this chapter about our personal covenants with our Heavenly Father in our premortal existence than in any other chapter of the scriptures.{1}

{1} For a discussion of Ephesians 1 see Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord, First edition, p. 785-86. A more complete analysis is in the second edition, p. 549-54. The second edition can be found on this website under “published books.”


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