1 Nephi 7:13, 15 — LeGrand Baker — 15, Destruction of Jerusalem

1 Nephi 7:13, 15

13 …and ye shall know at some future period that the word of the Lord shall be fulfilled concerning the destruction of Jerusalem; for all things which the Lord hath spoken concerning the destruction of Jerusalem must be fulfilled. …
15 Now behold, I say unto you that if ye will return unto Jerusalem ye shall also perish with them.

The Old Testament accounts of the destruction of Jerusalem shows how literally Nephi’s warnings would have been fulfilled. Second Kings details the destruction of the city and the Temple (2 Kings 25:1-19). The story told in 2 Chronicles is briefer, but no less poignant. It describes what might have happened to Lehi’s sons had they not escaped from the city (2 Chronicles 36:17-20). Had Lehi, Ishmael, and their families not left Jerusalem, or if their sons had returned, there can be little question that all the property they wanted to keep would have been destroyed, and they would have been killed or taken into slavery.


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