Favorite Quotes

Albert and the Lion
Apocryphal gems
Ballard, Melvin J. – I bathed his feet with my tears
Bednar – Clean Hands and a Pure Heart  – David A. Bednar
blessed – in the state of the gods
Callis, Charles A. – ordination as an apostle
Campbel, Beverly – Mother Eve
Code words, an explanation – LeGrand Baker
Cowdery, Oliver – charge to the Twelve
Eliza R. Snow Letter
Enoch with Jude
Enoch — Secrets of  – chapters 22 -26
God is a cheerful – by HC Kimball
Haight, David B. – Last Supper
Hyde, Orson,  Moroni in American History
Kimball, Heber C. – funeral of J. M. Grant
Kimball, Heber C. – God is happy
Lewis, Brandon, – the fullness of joy
Mark, Secret Gospel of — Morton Smith
McConkie, Bruce R  — last testimony
McKay David O. – Radiation of the Individual
Nibley, Hugh – on Alma 12
Nibley, Hugh – on tokens
Nibley, Hugh – what Petersen learned from Nibley
Nibley, Preston – Constitution to hang by a thread
Pearl – Hymn of the Pearl, public domain translation
Pearl – Hymn of the Pearl, with comments
Phelps, W. W. – universe is 2,050,000,000 years old
Pratt – Orson Pratt, Great First Cause
Pratt, Orson – Great First Cause
Pratt, Parley P. – Holy Ghost. in Key to Theology
Psalm 23 – goodness and mercy – guardian angels
Roberts, B. H. – 70 lessons  – Chapter 1
Roberts, B. H. – sacrifice of higher intelligences
Romney, Marion G. – calling and election made sure
Seventies Record, 1845
Smith, Joseph  —  2  Peter
Smith, Joseph – ‘handled something’
Smith, Joseph – Constitution to hang by a thread, by Preston Nibley
Smith, Joseph – D&C  76, poetic version
Smith, Joseph – DNA shows he was Irish
Smith, Joseph – First Vision – 4 accounts
Smith, Joseph Fielding – pre-mortal integrity
Smith, Joseph Fielding – premortal Church organization
Smith, Joseph,   ‘authorize us to believe’
Smith, Joseph, Lectures on Faith, lecture 5
Snow, Eliza R. – Temple ordinances for the dead
Snow, Lorenzo – Holy Ghost
Taylor, John – Origin, Object, and Destiny of Women, – and men
Whitney – I was asleep at my Post, by Orson F. Whitney
Woodruff,  Wilford – testimonies of Joseph Smith
Woodruff, W. – early temple work
Woodruff, Wilford – experiences in the spirit world
Woodruff, Wilford –on doing temple work for Founding Fathers
Woodruff, Wilford, we join our priesthood quorums when we die
Young, Brigham – Endowment, definition
Young, Brigham – on family and friends
Young, Brigham – the Comforter

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