What is the Book of Mormon Project?


Please remember that some of these comments go back 25 years. I was writing to friends whom I trusted to understand that those ideas are only my opinions. That is still true. If the ideas are correct, then they are true. If not true, then I hope that some day I will have enough good sense to change my mind.

It started as a simple email exchange so friends could talk with friends. All of those friends were invited to contribute. Some did and some did not. I do not have the right to post their comments. Consequently, as it begins, the website only contains my contributions. However, I request that all of you who have submitted comments in the past will re-submit them, giving me permission to post them also. If you do this could be a useful, ongoing commentary on the Book of Mormon.
We have always had 4 rules. They are:

I. No one is expected to accept as truth anything that is posted here.

II. Quotes must be properly cited, but we rarely accept very long quotes, like major excerpts from a magazine or a book.

III. Everyone is responsible for what he or she writes. We do not edit ideas, and our sending out someone’s ideas does not imply that we agree with what someone else writes. Each author retains all copyright rights to his or her own material. One may do whatever else one wishes with the things he submits here, but no one else is free to publish it without the author’s written consent.

IV. We assume that there will be a lot of stuff submitted that is not Church doctrine. That’s OK because we are only exchanging opinions and ideas, and are not in the business of defining the doctrines of the Church. However, if anyone submits anything that is actually contrary to Church doctrine, or that is irreverent about either the Church, the scriptures, or the brethren, that material will not be sent out to others, and that writer will be dropped from the Project without warning and without a second chance.

We hope you enjoy the Book of Mormon Project as the relaxed and friendly exchange of ideas that it is intended to be.

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