The Murder of the Mormon Prophet

The Murder of the Mormon Prophet examines about 250 newspapers published in 1844 throughout the United States and the Republic of Texas, to discover how the nation regarded Joseph Smith and the Mormons.

It examines the Anti-Mormon political party that planned the murders of the Joseph and Hyrum, and the expulsion of the Saints from Illinois.

It identifies key players and the involvement of each-showing clear evidence of Governor Fords’s early involvement in the plans for the murders.

It includes an extensive legal analysis of the charges of treason against Joseph Smith, and shows that the charges were completely without foundation.

It analyzes the “freedom of the press” issue-often mis-represented by historians that arose over the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor, and shows that not only did Joseph not violate the constitutional principle, but that he was not accused of doing so by the overwhelming majority of American newspaper editors.

It traces Joseph’s national campaign to be President of the United States, shows why the campaign was important to the Mormons, and why it was a factor in Joseph’s murder.

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